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About Cynthia


When I started to practice Yoga I found the missing piece to my work as an instructor of movement.
Due to my own health issues, I searched for many years to find the right support in my training. 

My personal experiences and trainings lead me to different teaching methods and styles, for myself and my students.
Besides loving to workout either in a Gym or Kickboxing, the practice of Yoga lead my body into a place where it feels nourished and energized in a safe and flowing way.

What makes my teachings different?

Born Swiss with Indian roots, I feel guided by my heritage and the study and practice of Yoga gives me a deep respect and understanding of the history and culture.

Being a former ballet dancer my feeling for movement is seen and felt throughout the Yoga classes, they are energetic, playful and heartfelt. 


Connecting with people all around the world through my travels, I decided to combine my impressions into a new form of movement.

That's how I invented YogArt, movement through colour. 

I want to challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and into a positive development of your own potential.

Lessons can be offered in English and German. 

Choose your style 

Yin Yoga 

Why Yin Yoga is good for you?
Whether you feel your mind is overactive, or you are craving for energy or you feel you have too much of it, finding your balance is not always easy in this fast moving world.
Based on the Taoist concept of yin and yang, a Yin Yoga class usuall consists of a series of longer held, passive floor poses, where we target the more stiff connective tissues, or the yin tissues.
Join me for a Yin Yoga class and explore the milder edges of your body. 

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YogArt is a very creative form to express your emotions through movement with color. Using your hands, feet or your body you brush colour on the canvas while moving in different Yoga postures.

YogArt is a way to be more playful and let the creative side balance out our daily life.

Become one with what inspires you and learn to express yourself. 

Yoga Flow

Creating and following your own flow is something that we all learn through our whole life.
Moving with breath, discovering the forms of the body. Using the breath as a tool to connect our body and mind.
Enjoy this active practice of asanas and pranayama to gain a better body and mind consciousness. 

Meditation and breath 

Why do we want to practice the art of stillness? 
Meditation and breath are a wonderful way for us to calm the mind and develop our "peaceful warrior". To find absolute safety in our ocean of thoughts and craziness. 
Breath is the key. 
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