Element Earth

The basis and foundation of all the elements is the Earth. It is the first fountain from whence all things spring; it is the centre, foundation and mother of all things. Earth is the element of stability, foundations and of the body. The Earth is the realm of wisdom, knowledge, strength, growth and prosperity. It is also the physical Earth on which we live and the very heart of life. As we practice Yoga with the intent to root and ground deeply into the center of the earth, we also reach into the center of our own creation and our fundemental base of knowledge and understanding. As everything we need to know is already embedded inside our souls ready to be re-learned as we move through the p

Water purification ceremony

The water element Water represents the flow of energy (known as prana or chi), connecting our emotion and intuition. The flow of water guides daily life in Bali. Water plays an important role and is believed by Balinese to be one of the key forces of life. Balinese Hindus participate in water blessings regularly (Melukat), a spiritual cleansing ritual aimed to achieve self-purification of both the body and soul. Water is often thought of as the most essential of the Elements for sustaining life. Associated with the Moon, the feminine, dreams, and the realm of emotions, the Water Element is a shape-shifter, moving easily throughout the world by following the path of least resistance. My own e

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