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Meditation, Yoga and Art

YogArt is a very creative form to express your emotions through movement with colour.

Using your hands and feet or your body to brush colour on the canvas while moving in different Yoga postures.

Colour, Movement and Breath

Have been implemented for therapeutic purposes since ancient times.

The benefits of colours on the human mind.

Working with colour and movement I aim to balance and enhance the body`s energy centres to stimulate the body`s own healing process.

The goal is that you learn to recognise what your body is telling you, preferably before the body makes us stop and listen through a physical or emotional problem.

YogArt improves physical confidence leading to a body and mind conciusness that encourages you to live a happier life.

Combining Yoga and Art into one practice, I want to inspire people, challange them to step out of their comfort zone, into a safe and creative space.

YogArt is a way to be more playful and let the creative side balance out your daily life.

Become one with what inspires you and learn to express yourself.

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