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How stardust became life

I was watching the documentary, one strange rock, hosted by Will Smith. It`s the story about how life survived and thrives on planet Earth, told by eight astronauts from their unique perspective of being away from Earth.

There he talks about genesis and the mystery of how stardust became life. It made me think, if you look at this from a very raw angle, we are all part stardust. Is that not a beautiful way to explain our origin? Imagine that billions of years ago there would have been nothing but the endless universe. Stars living and dying and out of these cycles of transformation, in one strange moment of collision and heat – earth was created. Let us dream into this very moment of creation and endless opportunities. Anything was possible in this second; life could have gone either way. We have come a very far way from dust and gas, into a planet full of life. Humans building and destroying things, utterly beautiful and devastating at the same time. I am currently sitting at an airport traveling to another continent, looking at the passing airplanes and feeling very humble to be a witness of this wonderous time I am living in. Sometimes it is scary to think where life will lead us in the next years, decades. Will there be “enough” Earth left to explore and cherish for next generations? Is it okay to create new families and so on and so on….

I take a breath. Earth keeps turning, the universe keeps creating and life will always continue to exist, in one way or the other. Let us be more thankful for this experience on this amazing planet. Be more mindful about our footprint we leave, not to panic about everything, but to trust that life will always find a way to regenerate itself. With us or without us. We do not own this planet; we are merely guests.

Don’t forget that you have that magical stardust in you, that you are the creator of your own life. This is not meant to be a sweet poem but a reminder that you have all the power you need to keep on going. You decide if your stardust becomes life or stays a dream sparkling in your fantasies.



2 commentaires

15 mars 2020

Endless connections.. ❤️🙏🏼


Sabrina Disler
Sabrina Disler
15 mars 2020

So beautiful. Everything and everyone is connected❤️

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