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Step into your power for 2020

As the new year has arrived and is still very fresh and some of us set their new year’s resolutions or have the intention of starting more mindful into the next decade, let’s talk about a topic that has various opinions in the yoga community.


We ask for abundance from the universe or to be able to live our dreams and to shape our life the way we want it to be.

So why is there so much judging when it comes to money.

Applying ahimsa in our daily life is meant to be gentle and non-harming to our self’s and others.

We all wish for abundance but are scared to ask or even accept money in return for our work as teachers.

I differentiate people who want to serve others and really don’t want to own any material things. I appreciate their motivation and think it is a wonderful thing to commit in such a way. But living a yoga life does not mean that you have to choose that path, you are allowed to charge for your classes or services.

I see money as an exchange of energies, in a material form.

I give a yoga class and in exchange I receive. It is a give and take.

When you start to understand that if you invest in yourself, you attract more and more in your live, personal and professional, you will priorities money in a different way and your relationship with money will start to change.

Money gives you the possibility to travel, learn from new cultures, it allows you to study and learn new things that bring you further in your career.

You meet new people that will open doors for you, and it is only up to you how you handle this process. Are you open for this natural flow of success or do you think it has to be something really hard? Ask yourself, do you think you deserve to be successful?

I am not saying you won’t have to invest 150% of your time and work hard but it in the end it all comes down to three things, being at the right place with the right people at the right time.

This will only happen if you let go of all your expectations and start to really focus on your goal.

In the book “outliers”, Malcom Gladwell writes about the 10`000-hour rule and how successful people invested their time and focus on a specific task and, in Gladwell`s calculation, that is about 20 hours per week for 10 years.

I find this a very inspiring timeline, if this is true or not is to be looked at from different angels, but in the end, I think, the effort you put into something will pay off, quite literally.

Then when you do what you love people feel that passion and it makes you different to others in your field.

There are so many yoga teachers, we couldn’t even count them all, or hairdressers, Restaurant’s you name it, yes not all of them are successful but so many are.

Think about it in your next meditation or walk in nature.

Be honest about how you feel about money and success and I think everyone has a different view on what that will be for them.

We are constantly evolving, growing and changing and so will your view on money and the way you want to shape your life.

With that said, I wish you all a good start into the new year and that you find the courage to step into your power and get sh** done!




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