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Real talk

My love for art and colour has been a part of me for half of my life. I may not have studied the art of art, but my heart always felt free when I was able to move or paint. At one point I thought, why cant I do both at the same time? So instead of using my pencil or my brush I just used my fingers, my hands, my body.

I was always scared to share my passion with others, as I thought why should anyone be interessted in what I have to say or the way I move or express any of my emotions. Who was I to share anything with anyone? I was (and still am) a total overthinker.

I can come up with several (hundert) ideas why things could go wrong. It made me distant to other people, made me loose my self confidence to a point where walking down a street got so hard for me that I would only go to town if I was with a friend or it was really neccesary. Why, you ask? I think the answer to that would make me write a book. But as many people like to say, the past is in the past, sometimes it just tends to catch up with us in the most unconviniend moments.

Starting with Yoga, many years ago, I realized one day, that when I was practicing, I wasnt overthinking anything, I wasnt scared, I wasn't lonely, I was just me. And that was a damn good feeling.

I didnt had the money to go to fancy Yoga studios but non the less I continued my work on the mat, in my own passionate way. One day it was very active and on the other I might just sit there meditate and breath.

Being a very active person I still went running, enjoying the outdoors as much as I could, being in mother nature always made me feel safe. I also do kick boxing and combining all together is the most wonderful thing I found for myself. Still I loved my colours, and being a very emotional person, I wanted to bring my emotions on paper. Literrally. I tried to write about it, but that wasnt me. I can tell a story but when it comes to letting go and release the past I wanted to use colour. Being a do`er I jumped in the car and went to the next big do it yourself store and bought everything I needed. One of the best desicions I had ever made.

That moment whem my brush touched the cnavas and there was acutal colour there, wow, that moment so much just fell off me.

Change is unconfortable, growth is unconfortable.

Why? Cause you are at a point in your life where you have never been befor. That can be scray for some, exciting for others- but who ever you ask- it is something new.

Living in a world that makes you soft and a looser if you cant addpat in three seconds and handle everything that comes your way, this can be a challange for many of us. Sharing my work as a Yoga teacher or teacher of movement as I like to call it, I want to help you to be more confortable in the unknown. To find that place within you, wether that is on the mat, brushing colour up on a canvas or simply sitting at your desk tipping 100 emails a day.

See you on the mat or the canvas.



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